It all started with a beautiful, and challenging journey towards an intentional life.

When I intentionally chose to set out on my own, I sought to significantly disrupt the clinical paradigm and provide true, long-term solutions for women's health. 

When I intentionally chose to set out on my own, I sought to significantly disrupt the clinical paradigm and provide true, long-term solutions for women's health. I found the traditional medical model to lack focus and clarity on the root cause of a patient’s symptoms, with very little time spent on the true needle-movers for optimal aging and vibrant well-being. Now, as a functional medicine practitioner, I aim to revolutionize the health of high performing women so they can break the "either / or" construct and find freedom in an authentic life of restored wellness and intentionality.

sustainable health requires

Deep Science + Deep Connection

With 20+ years of traditional health care experience, I intentionally chose to set out on my own, on a mission to disrupt the clinical paradigm. The traditional medical model fails to identify the true root cause behind each woman's symptoms, focusing on symptom management rather than creating vibrant health. Today, as a functional medicine practitioner, I aim to restore the health of high-performing women so they can find freedom without sacrificing the things that matter most to them. 

The journey of health optimization is a beautiful one. We are not always without trauma, heartache, and challenge — but there is peace in knowing that when you connect within & choose with intention, what comes ahead is meant for you.  



Learning to mindfully disconnect will have an eye-opening impact on your happiness and mental health. Here are 5 actionable tools to lay the foundation for embracing your intentional lifestyle. 

The Primer

Outside of serving high-performance women...

I'm a multi-passionate mother of three, a musician, an entrepreneur, a CEO, and woman of faith proudly based in New Jersey. 

What I'm 


Slower family time. Wellness routines that feel romantic. Beautiful & challenging growth through experience. Being intentional with how I spend my energy. Meaningful connection. 

What I'm 


How daily intention has the power to transform my health, home, career & life. Making choices that honor who I am + what I value creates a alignment, abundance & vitality. 

What I'm 

not about

Cookie-cutter anything. Practitioners who believe they are the healer. Letting outside energy influence you. Giving away the power of intentional choice. Letting chronic symptoms go unexplored. 

what I


In elevating the conversation around women’s wellbeing. We are designed for vibrant health in mind, body & spirit, and made to connect deeply with our experiences. Honoring our deepest values, daily.

organize & Elevate your health consulting business

A comprehensive 3-month marketing and mentorship program designed for health experts seeking to establish or enhance their online businesses. Co-founded by Jennifer Wheeler and Chelsea Carbary, the program offers a personalized and "done-with-you" approach, focusing on building a high-end wellness brand, website, and marketing assets.

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Business mentorship

Client WORDS

"Jennifer's experiential health masterclass gave me an entirely new perspective on life."

— Kayla, Consultant & Mom of Two

“Jennifer changed the course of my life. She was the first healthcare professional to truly get to the root cause of my symptoms. Words cannot express how grateful my heart and health are to her! Anyone to cross paths with Jennifer is blessed! She is simply the best!”

— Lauren, Non-Profit Leader & Mom of Two

“ I no longer have daytime fatigue, and have so much more energy! I can sleep the entire night and cannot even remember the last time I was bloated! This has completely changed my life and I’m not even near the end of my MNDSHFT Health journey.” 

— Ashley, Restaurant Owner & Entrepreneur 


 Interested in joining me on my podcast or having me on yours? Looking for a live speaker at your wellness retreat or corporate seminar?  Or have another fresh Idea I should hear about?

REady to make health your greatest asset?

I'd be honored to guide you on your journey toward health restoration & revival. Whether you're ready for high-level 1:1 support, or just dipping your toes in the water with the self-paced route, I've got you covered. Let's connect on a complimentary call to. explore which route is designed for you. 

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If you believe you deserve the opportunity to thrive, with strong, resilient health that fuels your daily life. You've come to the right place. 

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