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To Improve the health of your company, Improve the Health of Your People

Today more than ever, a well thought out wellness program is essential to the bottom line. Passes to fitness clubs and nutrition information are not enough (and never were.)

The Facts:

20+ Years Experience

Transform Your Workplace With Health Optimization.

Rise by MNDSHFT Health is a self-paced functional medicine VIRTUAL academy that provides MIND & BODY wellness SOLUTIONS & strategy so your team can, TRULY THRIVE. 

When Your People Thrive, Your Business Thrives.

Functional Medicine Pracititoner, Jennifer Wheeler and founder of MNDSHFT Health teamed up with her husband, Ryan Wheeler to realize their vision; a new wave of corporate wellness.   During Ryan's 17+ years in the corporate world, he experienced first hand the workplace struggles surrounding health.  Now on a mission to elevate workforce wellness, MNDSHFT Health is leading the way bringing functional health and wellness to businesses and teams.

A comprehensive functional medicine program designed to improve the health of your workforce. 

What You Can Expect:

cost savings

The average ROI from (Health Affairs) is $3.27 for every dollar spent on a wellness plan. The (Journal of Population Health's) findings are similar with the average ROI of $2.73 for every dollar spent on a wellness plan.
Wellness programs provide added benefit to attract a larger pool of qualified candidates.  
By Improving the well-being across your entire workforce, companies are able to increase employee retention 
What’s more, healthy employees stay with your company. A study by Towers Watson and the National Business Group on Health shows that organizations with highly effective wellness programs report significantly lower voluntary attrition

increased productivity

66% of individuals with a poor diet, 50% of individuals that do not exercise and 79% of individuals that have Neck/back pain will experience presenteeism. (Healthways and Gallup)

Companies with a corporate wellness program experience a workforce that is happier, more motivated and present than companies that do not have one (University of California and Washington University)

employee attraction & retention

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Modern LEarning

Make Corporate Wellness Fun & Convenient. 

An on-the-go comprehensive, engaging science-based video module course teaches the transformative power of functional medicine.

With practical tools designed to optimize your team's health with hundreds of tiny habits to restore their wellness game, up-level their mood and motivation. 

Industry-Leading Education

  • How to clean out your fridge, organize it and stock it for success
  • How to design a customized supplement regime
  • How your gut and brain talk and why that matters to your mental health
  • How to improve the gut microbiome to increase energy, sleep + cognition
  • How to navigate the grocery store & save money in the process
  • How to maximize efficiency and detoxify your home environment 
  • How to exercise anytime and anywhere for anyone
  • How to prevent back pain & injuries

practical + engaging lessons

3% of gross sales will be donated on your behalf to Heroes and Horses, a veteran owned & operated nonprofit that supports the health and well-being of veterans 

Invest In Your People

Break Room Audit  

Support your employees wellness goals by downloading and printing this simple checklist.