Jennifer Wheeler

Mentorship + breathwork + intentional living

I offer transformative mentorship and breathwork for wellness professionals and leaders, blending science & soul for intentional living..

don't let society dictate what's "normal"

You are designed to live vibrantly in mind, body & spirit.

As humans, we are made to connect deeply with our experience and fill our days with choices and routines that honor who we are and what we value in life — health, family, connection, experience, restoration, success, exploration, growth, joy, legacy. 

the journey of health restoration is beautiful

A first of it’s kind...
Wellness-Informed Leadership Collective 

the intentional leader

A collective + network for ambitious women leaders ready to find clarity, trust their intuition and elevate their health, life & business. 

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Monthly Reset Breathwork

Get out of your head and into your heart through breathwork.  Every 2nd Thursday evening join the monthly RESET Breathwork Experience.  

The RESET Method is an active, 3-part conscious breathing experience designed for you to break through blocks, experience restoration and step into your alignment & potential.  

Shift the outside job to the inside and watch your intuition kick in.  Join me this month to rewire your nervous system, trust your intuition, honor your health and seamlessly integrate your life + business goals. 

organize & Elevate your health consulting business

A comprehensive 3-month marketing and mentorship program designed for health experts seeking to establish or enhance their online businesses. Co-founded by Jennifer Wheeler and Chelsea Carbary, the program offers a personalized and "done-with-you" approach, focusing on building a high-end wellness brand, website, and marketing assets.

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Business mentorship

Wellness Revival Retreat

Gone are the glutenous regrets after a well-intentioned trip. The future of travel taps into a sense of purpose and a desire to grow creatively, intellectually, and holistically. Returning home from travel should leave you feeling cleansed, enriched and restored. The Wellness Revival Retreat is the product of years of functional medicine consulting, mentorship and empowerment.

I have curated a menu of exclusive wellness workshops and masterclasses that will take you through a deeply transformative experience. Highlights include:

  • Food from the earth 
  • Intentional movement
  • Breathwork expansion
  • Powerful mindset shifts
  • Health exploration 

A comprehensive functional medicine course designed to give you clarity, strategy & sustainable health solutions.

Happy Clients

"Jennifer's experiential health masterclass gave me an entirely new perspective on life."

— Kayla, Consultant & Mom of Two

“Jennifer changed the course of my life. She was the first healthcare professional to truly get to the root cause of my symptoms. Words cannot express how grateful my heart and health are to her! Anyone to cross paths with Jennifer is blessed! She is simply the best!”

— Lauren, Non-Profit Leader & Mom of Two


If you believe you deserve the opportunity to thrive, with strong, resilient health that fuels your daily life. You've come to the right place. 

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